Wedding Save the Date Etiquette

by Becca Hadley

Save the Dates 101: Everything you need to know to make certain your guests mark their calendars for your special day!


Save the dates are most commonly used and considered a standard courtesy if your wedding date falls on a 3 day weekend, during high travel times {Summer, Christmas time, thanksgiving etc}, or if you are having a destination wedding. 

This pre-invitation gives your guests a heads up to the event and lets them know that they are invited to the celebration. Between travel plans and ever growing busy schedules sending a save-the-date will increase guests’ chances of attending your wedding celebration.  That’s our goal right?   


A general rule of thumb is to send Save-The-Dates out 6-9 months in advance.  This gives your guests plenty of time to arrange their travel needs and plan time off from work.  Any earlier they may discard it and any later it might as well be your invitation.  


Save-The-Dates are generally sent to people you want to for sure come to your wedding.  Even if you have received confirmations from certain guests you still want to send them a Save-The-Date so they remember to mark it on their calendar.  Save-The-Dates are for people you definitely want in attendance.


Save-The-Dates can be as simple or as detailed as you would like.  To keep it simple you include just the names, date and event.  It can be very helpful {If you already have the information, if not it’s okay!} to include event location, and local hotel and airport information {If you are expecting several out-of-town guests}.

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