FREE Printable Recipe Cards

by Becca Hadley

Hey all you brides-to-be & MOH out there!  Today I am sharing with you an adorable FREE printable for your upcoming bridal shower.  As we all know after the happily ever after comes real life.  Which means one thing... COOKING DINNER!  Every day [except of course when hubby decides to be sweet and take you on a dinner date or grill at home]!

The best recipes always come from friends and family.  They are tested, trusted and true!  So what better way to gather some new recipes for yourself [or the bride-to-be -> MOH of the year!] then by sending out this adorable printable with your bridal shower invitations for guests to return instead of or with their card!  

Simply include on your invitation something along the lines of "Please bring the enclosed card with you to share a favorite recipe with our bride-to-be!"  OR we have provided you with a bonus free printable insert saying just that!  These recipes will be a priceless gift for years to come (:  Enjoy!  XO

Snag your FREE printable recipe cards here [size 4x6 - 2 on one 8x10 sheet]

And your FREE printable inserts here [size approx. 3.5x2 - 10 on one 8x10 sheet]

*For an added rustic touch print this B&W file on kraft paper!