Wedding Programs - How To

by Becca Hadley

Ready to get started on your wedding programs but not quite sure what to include?  Here is our step-by-step guide to putting together the perfect wedding program!

1.     The Cover.  Typically the cover includes the couples names, date & location.  A lot of brides like to include an engagement picture, a favorite scripture, or a favorite love quote.  You can be as creative as you want with these!  The cover is the first part your guests will see!

2.     Ceremony information.  Next up typically is the order of events.  It’s nice for your guests to know what order the ceremony is going to go in and some guests may not be familiar with the type of wedding you may be having especially if it is a religious ceremony {it may also be nice to include an explanation of the religious events to bridge the religious gap for those who may not know what’s going on}  Here is one example:


Entrance of Family


Bridal Processional

Opening Prayer

Reading of Scripture

Exchange of Vows & Rings


Final Blessing


3.     The Family {optional}.  A lot of brides like to include the different family members even though they may not be a part of the wedding party.  It’s nice to break it down into the bride’s side and then the grooms side {so label!  IE: John Smith – Father of the Bride, Mike & Tarry Smith – Grandparents of the Bride etc}.

4.     The Wedding Party {optional}.  It’s always fun to include who is in the wedding party.  Most brides include an explanation of who is who.  IE: Sarah Jones – Cousin of the Bride.  Most brides keep it simple.  Although it is an option to include who they person is, why they are important to you or how you met.  IE:  Emma Kline – Best Friend of the Bride – Emma was the bride’s freshman roommate in college.  They have been inseparable ever since!

5.     In Memory of.. {Optional}.  A lot of brides like to enjoy a little memoir section for those special person(s) who have passed on and cannot be a part of the special day.  Again you can keep it simple or leave an explanation.  Some brides leave an empty chair with a rose in memory of loved ones passed on and explain that in the heading.  Here is one example:

On this joyous occasion, we would like to remember

those who are no longer with us.  We know their

loving presence and spirit are with us today and always.

A single sunflower has been placed on a chair in honor of..

6.     Thank You to the Guests {Optional}.  If you have room your wedding programs are a great place to throw in a quick little thank you to thank your guests for being a part of your special day.  These I would recommend you keep short and sweet!  Here is one example:


To our family and friends, it means the world to us to

have you here.  Thank you for the support, encouragement,

love and laughter you have contributed to our lives. You

are our teachers, partners in crime, guides and favorite

people in the world. We hope that you enjoy tonight’s

celebration and those we will share for the years to come.

7.     Fun little extras {optional}.  Here’s where you can get wild and creative!  We have had brides include a number of fun extras for their guests.  A few of our more popular options include a crossword puzzle about the couple, a word search, riddles, or jokes. 

How many programs do you need?

Great questions!  You can either print one per guest or one per couple!

Who hands out the programs?

Put that lovely wedding party of yours to work and have one {or a few of them depending on the set up of your ceremony} hand them out to your guests!

What about size?

There are endless options when creating your programs.  Our most common size is a 4x9 so long and elegant!  We also create tons of fan programs {SO nice for those hot summer weddings to keep your guests cool}.  Your can create programs the fold, tri-fold, or even use creative shapes!  Contact us today to create a wedding program as unique as you!