FREE 2015 Printable Desktop Calendar

by Becca Hadley

Happy New Year one & all!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and is all geared up for 2015!  I can't believe another year has FLOWN by!  I have to admit one of my guilty pleasures of the new year is buying a new calendar.  This year I decided to design one of my own and offer it as a FREE printable for all of our followers!  You're welcome (;

I am loving these adorable FREE printable desktop calendars!  They look great in my office!  Thanks

Each calendar prints up to be about 4X6.  They are adorable!  Brighten up your boring desk with some washi tape and these cute printables!

FREE adorable printable desktop calendar from
FREE printable 2015 desktop calendar.  SO cute! Thanks

Each month is a fun new colors scheme to display!

FREE 2015 desktop calendar from
FREE 2015 printable calendar from

There you have it!  Happy New Year from Hadley Custom Designs!  Download your FREE 2015 Printable Calendar Here!